Thursday, 11 August 2011


I'm a staff writer at the sublime website Retro Slashers. I've got to say that John Klyza, the man behind the site, has gathered together a terrific group of people (himself included, natch) who contribute witty, entertaining and informative pieces about the golden age of slasher flicks. Honestly, it's a joy to be a part of this diverse group. I just wish we could arrange to have a yearly Retro Slashers get together somewhere central for everyone, but that would be a significant logistical and financial challenge, damn it all to hell!

Lately, we've been presenting theme months at Retro Slashers, and it's been a good direction for us to take. Working towards a monthly theme encourages writers to focus, to work towards a deadline, and it even provides a sense of unity for us, at least in my experience. It's even been good for the site itself in the sense that it's now much more like a monthly online magazine with theme-related articles appearing throughout the month. When the month ends, a new issue (theme) begins, with all past articles still available on the site. And each month we continue to provide news, reviews and other content not directly related to the monthly theme.

Since we've started working with themes, Retro Slashers has done a month covering the 1981 slasher classic My Bloody Valentine, we've done a month about Slasher Hybrid movies like 10 to Midnight and Silent Rage, we've done Unmasked Month featuring Nightmare, Driller Killer and other movies with maskless killers. And this month is Giallo Month.

Giallo... One of my favourite genres (sub-generes?). My contribution this month is all about Umberto Lenzi's Eyeball - a movie that never fails to entertain me, despite what many other movie writers say. And it's this kind of personal (though professional, if I may say so) writing that contributes to Retro Slashers accessible and characteristic flavour. There's no other site quite like it.

I hope you'll check out each theme month at Retro Slashers and that you'll be on the lookout for articles as they appear throughout each month. I know that would make me happy, and I'm betting it would John, Thomas, Amanda, Ross and Christian too. After all, Retro Slashers is bloody good people.


Wes said...

It's a great website Dave, and fantastic looking as well. Lots of original content. The pdf print option is much appreciated as well - I still prefer to do my reading away from the PC. How come more sites don't do this ?

Dave S said...

Good point re: print option, Wes. And thanks for the kind comments!

Ross Horsley said...

Long may Retro Slashers reign! I love being a part of it just as much as you do.

Real Queen of Horror said...

Awesome website, I see it getting huge.