Friday, 5 August 2011

Tee Shouts

By day, I'm an Ad Man. I write and do some project management at Graphic Communications Group, an advertising, web and design company.

A little over a year ago, Laura O'Brien (a former co-worker, and current graphic designer and friend) and I were discussing an idea for Tee Shouts, a website that the public could use as an outlet for their creativity; a forum where Joe and Josephine Anybody could post messages on online t-shirts, with the end result being funny, antagonizing, touching, whatever, virtual tees that they could share with the Internets.

We brought it to our boss and a co-worker (Craig) who both thought it was an interesting idea. We claimed the domain name, Laura did preliminary work on a website design, but it all went on the back burner.

Some time passed, Laura moved back to Newfoundland, and another co-worker and designer, Matt, did some redesign on the site. And it went on the back burner again.

Some more time passed, Craig did another site redesign, and our lead web person, Beth, put the code together. And today we launched the site.

Take a look around on Tee Shouts. You can create as many tees as you like, and you can add a comment that will tell us more about your message. We check submissions for content, and every Wednesday we'll post a new online selection of your Tee Shouts. As we say: You can't wear it, but you can share it!

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