Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My Other Blog

I started a second blog after a recent Facebook conversation with filmmaker Harmony Wagnor. In this conversation, Harmony asked her FB friends to tell her what they didn't like about Canadian films. This made me think of a TV idea I'd pitched a few years ago that didn't go anywhere. The idea was that the public would vote on the best Canadian films, and we'd end up with list that would be a catalyst of sorts - a decent starting point from which Canadians and movie lovers around the world could further explore Canadian movies.

As access to and lack of knowledge about the existence of many Canadian movies were two of the main issues that came out of the conversation Harmony started, I decided go ahead and see what I could stir up as far as highlighting Canadian films online. That's why I started Maple Leaf Movies.

What I'm asking you and others to do is to: 1) go online HERE and submit as many Canadian films as you feel belong on a list of Great Canadian Films. In the fall, we'll have a vote and determine a list of 25 (give or take) films. The plan from there is to have writers write about each of the film on the list. 2) Pass it on. I'd like as many films and as many people as possible involved with this.