Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Bloody Terror, C'est Wha?!

I'm obsessed with movies, and the advent of DVD's and Blu-rays have really brought out the beast in me. Suddenly I can see pristine letterboxed prints of movies I've only read about, or movies I haven't been able to track down for years --- giallo, 70's disaster flicks, devil movies, drive-in classics... I'm obsessed. And I don't care.

Bloody Terror takes its name from a horror flick I saw when I was a kid. An avid reader of Famous Monsters of Filmland, The Monster Times, Vampirella, Creepy, Eerie, House of Hammer (Then later Fangoria, Gorezone, and now Rue Morgue), I tried to see as many horror movies as I could. At around the age of 10, I found myself at the now-gone Prince Edward Cinemas, all alone (I think) at a 2pm matinee of Spanish actor/writer Paul Naschy's "Frankenstein's Bloody Terror" ("La Marca del Hombre-lobo"). This was fairly representative of the kind of programming that happened at your local theatre and drive-in in the 70's --- Hammer Horror double bills, Godzilla flicks, and AIP movies. Not that Frankenstein's Bloody Terror was the first horror movie I'd seen (That was a TV-viewing of "The Deadly Mantis"), but, all these years later, the title reference seems appropriate --- Obscure horror in an accessible venue. Foreign, vivid, and bloody. The damage is already done... why not write about?

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