Friday, 12 October 2007

After Hours

(1985) Griffin Dunne stars in this fine Martin Scorsese-directed blind date nightmare set in New York's Soho area. Dunne meets a woman in a cafe, gets her number, then meets up with her later. The date goes from promising, to bad, to worse, to worser. Terrific black comedy (It's really a blend of black comedy and film noir) has great cast including Rosanna Arquette, Linda Fiorentino, Teri Garr, John Heard, and Cheech and Chong. Yes, Cheech and Chong. It was written by the guy who wrote another great black comedy, Vampire's Kiss, starring Nicholas Cage.


maggieb said...

I LOVED After Hours. It totally freaked me out. Both because I don't think I
> was expecting it to be so dark, and because I think I was pretty young...and
> not very savvy...when I saw it. So it blew me away.

Jason said...

Loved After Hours and Vampire's Kiss. This got me to googling and I found out that Joseph Minion (the writer of both) has a flick in the works called Intense Girl Scouts. Could be a dud, but ya gotta like that title!

Dave S said...

'intense girls scouts'??? i'm there. sounds like the best thing this side of "killer nun". thanks for the tip, jay.