Sunday, 18 October 2015

"The Rehearsal" (2014)

After a big break from making very low budget short films, a horde of new generation local filmmakers, a significant improvement in the ease of filmmaking, technologically speaking, and a blood cancer diagnosis made me want to get back into it. Last year, a few friends helped me out in the filming of an idea I'd had for quite a while, and the result is "The Rehearsal", available for viewing below. I won't say what that idea was, because any impact this short has comes from just that - its concept. My typical answer to this question, though, is "It's about three women preparing for the most important performance of their lives."

I wrote and directed "The Rehearsal". It features Kelly Caseley, Rob MacDonald, Carly Martin and Laura Chapin. The DOP was Brian Sharp with camera assistance from Madhi Selseleh. Kelly also provided hair and make-up, Brian and I did the editing, and Dave Morrow was the Production Assistant.

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